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MS002: Practice Test for Grade 6

1. Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first:
1. No desert is as hot as Sahara.
Sahara ___________________________________. (HOTTEST)
2. The Amazon River is longer than the Mekong River.
The Mekong River ___________________________________. (SHORT)
3. No mountain in Viet Nam is as high as Fansipan.
Fansipan ___________________________________. (HIGHEST)
4. The USA is larger than Australia.
Australia ___________________________________. (SMALL)

2. Read the following passage and answer the questions.
     My name's Lan. My best friend is Mi. She's 12 years old, like me! She has brown hair and brown eyes. Her favourite colour is blue. That's my favourite colour, too. She likes roller skating and cycling in summer. She has a dog called Tuti. I think that's a funny name!
     Mi is really nice. She is very funny. She makes me laugh a lot. She tells good jokes. Mi helps me in my lessons because sometimes I don't understand everything. We meet after school and do our homework together. We have a lot of fun. She's a good friend. She's always there for me. She understands my feelings and she cheers me up when I'm sad.

1.What is the passage about?
2. What is Lan's favourite colour? 
3. Why does Lan say Mi is funny?
4. Why does Mi help Lan in the lessons? 
5. What does Mi do when Lan is sad?

3. Choose the best answer: 

1. Cong Phuong is the player in VietNam
           A. most best             B. best          C. most better         D.  more better           
2. This film is .......................interesting than that film   
            A. most                   B . more         C. as                    D. so
3. A tiger is ....................than a cat
           A . more strong       B. strongest   C. more stronger      D. stronger
4. Take the second street ..............the left
          A.  on                      B. at              C. to                      D. in
5.  How it from your house to school ? –  It’s about 2kms
           A.  long                   B. far                    C. much                  D. many     
6. The supermarket is
          A. near to                B.  in front of C. next              D. opposite to  
7.This house is our village  .
          A .the small                    B. the smaller                  C. smaller            D. the smallest
8.We____________our English test at the moment. 
          A.   doing                 B. are doing                C. do                     D. does
9.  We usually ............skiing in the winter
A. play                            B. take              C. go                    D. do
10. The Great wall is the longest structure in the world . It is in .................
A. China .              B. VietNam        C.  Japan               D . Taiwan



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