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MS001: Exercises on Word Form

1.    He is a _________ boy. He is always asking questions. (curiosity)
2.    All the pupils have done the exercises ________. (easy)
3.    Keep _____! The teacher is explaining the lesson. (silence)
4.    Be ______ in your work! (care)
5.    Time passes ________ when you are alone. (slow)
6.    He ________ carefully. He rarely has accident. (drive)
7.    Ho Chi Minh city is an important ________ center. (commerce)
8.    We have a ________ newspaper in the town. (week)
9.    This exercise seems __________. (difficulty)
10. Mrs. Green can help Alice to make a good __________. (choose)
11. He has ________ bought a new car. (recent)
12. How _______ the dress is! (expensive)
13. How _______ those shop window are! (beauty)
14. She has finished her best _______ . (perform)
15. The cartoon last night was very _______. (interest)
16. She _______ goes to the movie with her younger sister. (frequency)
17. Last night the singer sang very __________. (good)
18. The story is about an _______ trip. (excite)
19. In May the day often _______. (long)
20. He got rid of the ________ by opening a window. (smell)
21. Nobody showed them to their  ________. (sit)
22. Helen speaks English very ________. (fluent)
23. This is the most _________ machine in our field. (value)
24. We can keep the land in ________ condition by killing weeds. (well)
25. Jack plays football ___________. (splendid)
26. The ball was followed with great _______. (excite)
27. That was an ______ match, wasn’t it? I was _______ to see it. (excite)
28. ________ is a good career. I want to become a ________. (teach)
29. Rubber trees are very ________. (use)
30. Sports are very good for our _________. (healthy)
31. Who will take ______ of the baby when you go away? (careful)
32. Don’t worry about her ______. (complain)
33. What is the real ________ of the house? (wide)
34. I want to make new dresses but I don’t have a _______ machine. (sew)
35. She danced so  ________ that the audience clapped their hands many times. (beauty)
36. I’ll have Tom repair our electric ________. (cook)
37. Water has no color. It is a __________ liquid. (color)
38. Please don’t make _______. (noisy)
39. Mr. Green works in this factory as a shop _______. (keep)
40. Ky Hoa lake ia one of areas of _________. (entertain)
41. Butter is one of the _______ of milk. (produce)
42. He is a ______ person. He often makes me laugh. (fun)
43. I want to know how people ______ New Year in your country. (celebration)
44. On Christmas day, I often send my close friends ______ cards. (greet)
45. He is a famous ____ in the country. (act)
46. He often writes stories. He is a ______. (write)
47. These flowers look ________. (nature)
48. It’s not ______ to answer this question. (difficulty)
49. His play were ______ on the stage in London. (performance)
50. The flim is ______ so I’m ______ . (bore)
51. The Sword Lake is one of ________ places in Hanoi. (history)
52. He devoted all his ________ to writing. (live)
53.     How _______ the street is! (danger)
54.     She lives _________ although she is very poor. (happy)
55.     I’ll help you to __________ some beautiful paintings. (choice)
56.     The love for book is ___________ in developing the pupils’knowledge. (help)
57. This public library is ___________ to all people. (open)
58. Books help people to get more _____________. (know)
59. ___________ countries need help from __________ ones. (develop)
60.  This stamp __________ is valuable. (collect)
61. The person who takes care of books is ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­a ­­­­­___________ .(library)
62. He is very ____________ (friend).
63. She smiles so ______________, doesn’t she? (attract)
64. My ______________ for your skill is great. (admire)
65. We all held our breath because of that ______________ film. (thrill)
66. I only had a day to visit all tourist __________. (attract)
67. They ride their bicycles to the countryside for ________. (please)
68. Red ________ communist counties. (symbol)
69. May Day is celebrated regularly in ________ countries. (society)
70. He lost the game because of his _______. (care)
71. The teacher stressed the need for regular ______. (attend)
72. The cost of ______ must be paid by the buyer. (carry)
73. Our _______ from London to Sydney took 24 hours. (fly)
74. The police are interested in the sudden _______ of the valuable painting. (appear)
75. The master gave Oliver Twist a terrible ________. (punish)
76. He gave no ______ for his absence. (explain)
77. They were happy because their work was finished _______. (success)
78. To prepare his _______works, Karl Marx often spent whole days in the library of the British Museum. (science)
79. He is respected for his ________. (simple)
80. They had made a lot of _______ before the game started. (prepare)
81. Manchester players have been trying to score another goal, but their efforts are ______. (succeed)
82. We must make _______ for his youth. (allow)
1.    An ________ man has stolen all our money. (know)
2.    Two of these tablets should be taken ________. (day)
3.    Dogs are very _______ pets. (faith)
4.    The Thames flows ______ through green meadows. (gentle)
5.    Relax in our ________ chairs and enjoy our excellent tea and hot chocolate. (comfor)
6.    I’m so _______ you’re going to visit my country. (please)
7.    What is a naughty boy! He always does things ________. (noise)
8.    There were 10 ________ in the race. (complete)
9.    His _________ make his parents feel sad. (lazy)
10. You should ________ to your teacher. (apology)
11. Jack is __________ of his essay on the Thames. (pride)
12. Paris is ________ for the Eiffel tower. (fame)
13. He worked hard to ________ good crops from poor soil. (product)
14. How _______ of you to break that cup! (care)
15. His long _________ made us bored and sleepy. (speak)
16. He never takes his father’s ________. (advise)
17. They sat _______ by the stream. (quiet)
100. To my _________, the monkey peeled a banana and offered it to me. (amaze)



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