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MS005: Give correct forms of the verbs in brackets

Excercise 1:
  1. Three months (be) a long time to wait.
  2. Five dollars (be) too much to pay for that book.
  3. A number of books (be) on the table.
  4. The number of students in this class (be) limited to thirty.
  5. It (be) my two brothers who (be) hurt.
  6. It (be) the children playing upstairs.
  7. Neither of the answers (be) correct.
  8. Neither (be) to blame.
  9. Everybody (have) a good time.
  10. Either your key or my key (be) missing.
  11. John or his brothers (be) going to help me.
  12. Bread and butter (be) all he asked for.
  13. The author and lecturer (be) arriving today.
  14. My old friend and colleague, George (be) in town.
  15. The pen and paper (be) on the desk.
  16. Jim and Joe (be) roommates.
  17. The boxes of candy (be) on the table.
  18. The package of cigarettes (be) on the table.
  19. Oranges and cream (be) perishable and should be refrigerated.
  20. Oranges and tangerine (be) delicious.
  21. Most of the members (be) happy.
  22. Half of the students (be) looking out.
  23. Some of the sugar (was/were) spilt on the floor.
  24. There (be) plenty of time.
  25. There (be) a lot of lakes.
  26. I, your master, (command) you.
  27. My wife, not my friends, ( is waiting/are waiting) for me.
  28. Early to bed and early to rise (make) a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
  29. Either the mayor or the eldermen (be) to blame.
  30. Not John but his brothers (be) to blame.
  31. A fever, a mutilation, a cruel disappointment, a loss of wealth, a loss of friends (seem) at the moment untold loss.
  32. A cart and horse (was/were) seen at a distance.
  33. Her principal anxiety (was/were) her children.
  34. Nobody not John and William  (was/were) there.
  35. Man, no less than the lower forms of life (be) a product of the evolutionary process.
  36. The girl, as well as the boys, (has/have) learnt to ride.
  37. The bat together with the ball (was/were) stolen.
  38. The newspaper and the dictionary (be) on the table.
  39. Here (be) bread and the dictionary.
  40. Here (be) bread and butter for breakfast.
  41. The ship with its load of timer (be) leaving the port today.
  42. Noone (be) eager to be examined the first.
  43. It (be) her lies that ( irritake) me so much.
  44. Three fourths of the wall (be) painted.
  45. Two fifths of the members (be) present.
  46. Two times two (make) four.
  47. Two 2’s (make ) four.
  48. Two plus two (be) four.
  49. How many (be) six and five?
  50. Nine from fourteen (be) five.
  51. Twenty years (be) not a long period of time in human history.
  52. Five dimes (make) fifty cents.
  53. Five dollars (be) a small sum.
  54. “ The three Musketeers” (be) written by Alexandre Dumas.
  55. You don’t have to say much , a word or two (be) sufficient.
  56. These (be) one or two things I’d like to talk over with you.
  57. The number of new books in our library (be) ever growing.
  58. A number of new books in our library (be) displayed at the book show.
  59. Our only guide ( be) stars.
  60. There (be) a lot of traffic on this road.

Excercise 2:
1. My aunt or my uncle is/are arriving by train today
2. Neither Juan nor Carmen is/are available.
3. Either Kina or Casey is/are helping today with stage decorations.
4. Neither she nor I am / is/are going to the festival.
5. The serving bowl or the plates go/goes on that shelf.
6. Neither Jenny nor the others is/are available.
7. A car and a bike is/are my means of transportation.
8. The politician, along with the newsmen, is/are expected shortly.
9. Excitement, as well as nervousness, is/are the cause of her shaking.
10. Each of the girls sings/sing well.
11. Every one of the cakes is/are gone.
12. Fifty percent of the pie have/has disappeared.
13. Fifty percent of the pies have/has disappeared.
14. One-third of the city is/are unemployed.
15. One-third of the people is/are unemployed.
16. All of the pie is/are gone.
17. All of the pies is/are gone.
18. Some of the pie is/are missing.
19. Some of the pies is/are missing.
20. None of the garbage was/were picked up.
21. None of the sentences was/were punctuated correctly.
22. Of all her books, none have/has sold as well as the first one.
23. The number of people we need to hire is/are thirteen.
24. A number of people have/has written in about this subject.
25. Neither of them is/are available to speak right now.
26. Either of us is/are capable of doing the job.
27. There is/are four hurdles to jump.
28. There is/are a high hurdle to jump.
29. Ten dollars is/are a high price to pay.
30. Five years is/are the maximum sentence for that offense.
31. Selma is/are the scientist who writes/write the reports.
32. He is/are one of the men who does/do the work.
33. The staff is/are in a meeting.
34. The staff is/are in disagreement about the findings.
35. Everyone has/have done his or her homework.
36. Somebody has/have left her purse.
37. Some of the beads is/are missing.
38. Some of the water is/are gone.
39. None of you claims/claim responsibility for this incident?
40. None of the students have/has done their homework.
41. Everyone has/have finished his or her homework.
42. Each of the students is/are responsible for doing his or her work in the library.
43. The mayor as well as his brothers is/are going to prison.
44. The mayor and his brothers is/are going to jail.
45. Neither of the two traffic lights is/are working.
46. Either is/are fine with me.
47. Either my father or my brothers is/are going to sell the house.
48. Neither my brothers nor my father is/are going to sell the house.
49. Is/Are either my brothers or my father responsible?
50. Is/Are either my father or my brothers responsible?
51. There is/are two reasons [plural subject] for this.
52. There is/are no reason for her lateness for work.
53. Here is/are two apples that you want.
54. My glasses were /was on the bed.
55. My pants were /was torn while I was climbing up the tree yesterday morning.
56. A pair of plaid trousers is/are in the closet.
57. The news from the front page is/are bad.
58. Measles is/are a dangerous disease for pregnant women.
59. My assets were /was wiped out in the depression.
60. The average worker's earnings have/has gone up dramatically.
61. Our thanks go /goes to the workers who supported the union.
62. Some of the voters is/are still angry.
63. A large percentage of the older population is/are voting against her.
64. Two-fifths of the troops were /was lost in the battle.
65. Two-fifths of the vineyard were /was destroyed by fire.
66. Forty percent of the students is/are in favor of changing the policy.
67. Forty percent of the student body is/are in favor of changing the policy.
68. Two and two is/are four.
69. Four times four divided by two is/are eight.
70. The department members but not the chair has / have decided not to teach on Valentine's Day.
71. It is not the faculty members but the president who decide / decides this issue.
72. It were /was the speaker, not his ideas, that has/ have provoked the students to riot.
73. The colors of the rainbow is/are beautiful.
74. There is/are a problem with the balance sheet. Here is/are the papers you requested
75. The cow and the pig is/are jumping over the moon.
76. Red beans and rice is/are my mom's favorite dish.
77. No smoking or drinking is/are allowed. Every man and woman is/are required to check in.
78. Jessica or Christian is/are to blame for the accident.
79. All of the chicken is/are gone. All of the chickens is/are gone.
80. Four quarts of oil were /was required to get the car running.
81. The study of languages requires /require time.
82. The president, together with his advisors, is/are coming.
83. They, no less than Tom, were /was eager to start.
84. The manager, as well as his assistant, has/have arrived.
85. The number of students is/are 40.
86. Twenty dollars is/are too much to pay for this book.
87. Who has stolen that car is/are still a big question.
88. Neither John nor his friends is/are going to the beach today.
89. Either John or his friends is/are going to the beach today.
90. Neither the boys nor Carmen has/have seen this movie before.
91. Either John or Bill is/are going to the beach today.
92. Neither the director nor the secretary wants/want to leave yet.
93. No example is/are relevant to this case. 
94. No examples is/are relevant to this case.
95. None of the counterfeit money has/have been found.
96. None of the students have/has finished the exam yet.
97. Everybody who wants/want to buy a ticket should be in this line.
98. Please help me; something is/are in my eye.
99. Anybody who has/have lost his ticket should report to the desk.
100. Neither of his pens is/are able to be used.



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