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MS008: Excercises on Tenses

Exercise 1: Put the verbs into the Simple Future Tense:

1.    They (be) here tomorrow.
2.    The Browns (live) in a new flat next month.
3.    She (go) with her next summer.
4.    Daisy (be) here with her brother tomorrow.
5.    Daisy is getting her hair (cut) tomorrow.
6.    He (spend) his vacation on a farm next year.
7.    Her family (travel) to Brazil next May.
8.    I (not help) you tomorrow.  
9.    All of our classmates (pass) the next exam.
10.When he returns I (give) him the key.
Exercise 2: Em hãy sắp xếp các từ sau vào đúng cột âm phù hợp:
children, picture, ocean, see, dance, music, class, student, machine, chef, chicken, sugar, ship, miss, keeps, ...... còn tiếp....



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