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MS116: Tense Exercise

Exercise: Put the verbs into correct tenses HTD-HTTD-TLD-HTHT-QKD-QKTD

1. I (have).......................... a shower when my sister arrived.
2. At 5 o'clock yesterday, I (do).......................... my homework.
3. What you (do) _______ when she came last week?
4. At this time last year, my brother and I (visit) _____ Da Nang city.
5. How long you (know) ______ Mrs Lan?
6. This is the best cake I (ever, eat) ________
7. How often your sister (listen) _____ to music? – Twice a week.
8. John and I (be) ______ pen pal for over two years.
9. What you (do) ______ if it (rain) ______ today?
10. She hopes it (not, rain) ______ tomorrow.
11. Look at that woman! What she (do) _______?
12. He (not, speak) ______ any English since he (come) ______ back to Viet Nam.
13. Don’t make noise! The baby (sleep) _______ in the room.
14. How much money you (earn) _______ last month?
15. I (never, see) ______ a more romantic film before.
16. Last night I (be) ______ sick because I (eat) _______ too much junk food.
17. I (just, paint) ______ my house green.



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