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DK007: Put the verbs into the Present Perfect Tense

1. We (not see) ___________ her since we (be) ___________on holiday in Ha Long Bay.
2. Phuong (not finish) ___________her homework yet.
3. Would you like some coffee? I just (make) ___________some.
4. How long you (know) ___________Mrs. Chi?
5. This bike (use) ___________ for more than six years.
6. My uncle (not visit) ___________ us since he (move) ___________ to the new town.
7. They just (phone) ___________to say that they (not come) ___________ back till Friday night.
    -I (know) ___________her for five years.
8. I (not see) ___________your brother recently.
   - No. He (not be) ___________out of his room since he (buy) ___________a new computer.



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