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DK011: Put the verbs into correct tenses

1.     John (try)________ hard in class, but I (not think) ________ he'll pass.
2.     We ( not plant) ______________the herbs in the garden at present
3.     I (be) ________ at school at the weekend.
4.     He ( not paint)______________ his pictures at the moment            
5.     She …………………last night. (not come)
6.     Jo is so smart that she (pass)________ every exam without even trying.
7.     My best friend (write)________ to me every week.
8.     She (not live) ________ in Hai Phong city.
9.     Silvia  (not listen) ________ to music at the moment.
10. He­­­­_______always (make) ________ noisy at night.
11. I……….very funny on my last vacation. ( be)
12. Listen! The teacher ( explain) ______________a new lesson to us.          
13. Ba ( study_______________Math very hard now.
14. You (speak) ________ English?                                         
15. When…………. you ………… your exercises?- Last night.(do)
16. Look! The man ( take)______________the children to the cinema.           
17. She (not study) ________ on Friday.
18. Maria  (sit) ________ next to Paul right now.
19. Yesterday was Sunday. Mr Tam …………….go to school( not go)

20. My life (be) so boring. I just (watch)________ TV every night. 



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