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DK014: Exercise 2: Put the verbs into correct tenses

Exercise: Put the verbs into correct tenses:

1. I (help) ___ her to look for it until she finds it
2. It ( probably rain) ______ when you get back tonight
3. When I came home last night, my children (sleep) ____
4. How long (you,live) ­______ here?
5. It's three years since I last (talk) ______ to my cousin.
6. This is the best book I (ever, read) ______
7. How often (she, visit) ____ her grandparents?
8. I can't find my keys anywhere. (You,see) _____ it?
9. Listen! I think someone (play) ____ the guitar in the room.
10. Don't call between 8am-9am tomorrow, I (have) _____ a meeting then.
11. If you don't study hard, you (fail) ____ your next progress test.
12. Don't move or I (take) ______ you home.
13. Sue is washing her hands, She (just, paint) ______ her new flower vase.
14. I (never, be) ______ to Da Lat before.
15. We (wait) _____ for you when you get back tomorrow.
16. If you come at noon I (have) lunch
17. The teacher hopes we (pass) our exam
18. I (stay) ______ here until he comes back.
19. This house (build) ______ last year.
20. The train 06 (leave) ______ at 8 am tomorrow.



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