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DK015: Choose a word that has different stress pattern

Exercise 1: Choose a word that has different stress pattern
1 A. adorable
B. ability
C. impossible
D. entertainment
2 A. engineer
B. corporate
C. difficult
D. different
3 A. popular
B. position
C. horrible
D. positive
4 A. selfish
B. correct
C. purpose
D. surface
5 A. permission
B. computer
C. million
D. perfection
6 A. scholarship
B. negative
C. develop
D. purposeful
7 A. ability
B. acceptable
C. education
D. hilarious
8 A. document
B. comedian
C. perspective
D. location
9 A. provide 
B. product
C. promote
D. profess
10 A. different
B. regular
C. achieving
D. property
11 A. education
B. community
C. development
D. unbreakable
12 A. politics
B. deposit
C. conception
D. occasion
13 A. prepare
B. repeat
C. purpose
D. police
14 A. preface
B. famous
C. forget
D. childish
15 A. cartoon
B. western
C. teacher
D. theater
16 A. Brazil
B. Iraq
C. Norway
D. Japan
17 A. scientific
B. ability
C. experience
D. material
18 A. complain
B. luggage
C. improve
D. forgive
19 A. offensive
B. delicious
C. dangerous
D. religious
20 A. develop
B. adjective
C. generous
D. popular

Exercise 2: Give correct form of the word in brackets:
1. Nuclear and natural gas are _________ energy (RENEW)
2. Nuclear is helpful but it is ___________ (DANGER)
3. More renewable resources will be used to solve the problem of _________ (POLLUTE)
4. There will be a __________ of nonrenewable energy in the future. (SHORT)
5. We should reduce the use of __________ in our homes. (ELECTRIC)
6. Air _________ is a big problem in big cities. (POLLUTE)
7. It's _________ to eat a lot of fried food. (HEALTH)
8. Scientists ar looking for clean and ________ sources of energy. (EFFECT)
9. Thomas Edition was famous for his _________ (INVENT)
10. SSS is a Sky _____ System. (SAFE)



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